PiPO M9 - Cheapest Quad-Core 10 Inch Android Tablet

PiPO M9 – Cheapest Quad-Core 10 Inch Android Tablet


If you are looking for a cheap and nice quad-core 10 inch tablet PiPO M9 can be your solution. PiPO M9 – cheapest quad-core 10 inch Android tablet in the market at the moment with IPS screen. You can get it for around £200 from Chinese websites. As per our tablet buying guide we have checked all the specs and info that we need and we decided to go for PiPO M9 version for our next tablet. They have also built a 3G version of this tablet. Yes, now you can use your tablet for calling features, 3G internet with your SIM card where ever you are. PiPO M9 and its 3G version comes with Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean but the company has released update for Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

PiPO M9 - Cheapest Quad-Core 10 Inch Android Tablet

This is a very nice quality tablet from the specs. Coming from China doesn’t make it that bad though, Apple is producing iPad over there. Only thing is if you order anything from China it takes around 2-3 weeks to receive the item. You always can pay some extra if you want for a fast and reliable delivery.

PiPO M9 – Cheapest Quad-Core 10 Inch Android Tablet – Specs

This beast is running a Rockchip RK3188 quad-core 1.6 GHz; 4×1.6 = 6.4 GHz which I’ll say nice processing power. With added 2 GB DDR 3 RAM and Mali-400 quad-core GPU makes everything faster. Google Nexus 10 comes with 2 GB RAM but running a dual-core processor. PiPO M9 gives you fast and responsive interface and operation. PiPO M9 Comes with 16 GB internal space and with the option to expand up to 32 GB with microSD card.

PiPO M9 is bundled with a 10″ (inch) 10 point multi-touch HD IPS display with 1280 x 800 resolution. You can playback your contents in FullHD either on the tablet or you can connect the tablet to your HD TV or on any external display with the included mini HDMI port. There is a rear 5 MP camera with flash light and a 2 MP camera on this tablet and with the support of built-in microphone you can initiate a Skype voice and video call with you friend or family.

This tablet is also equipped with Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Gyroscope, G-sensor, light sensor and e-compass as direction sensor. PiPO M9 supports OTG (on-the-go) function. You can connect wireless or bluetooth mouse and keyboard or flash drive. This option is recommended if you want to connect to your big screen HD TV or display. PiPO M9 in powered by 7800 mAh battery which keeps you up for long I hope. You can charge the battery with the supplied adapter.

PiPO M9 supports almost all the video formats and displays sharp and bright images. I wonder how much the Sony BRAVIA engine will increase the quality of the pictures and videos. Now a days you can get Sony BRAVIA engine on almost all Android phones and tablets, if you are looking to enhance the graphics performance. The tablet weights only 586g which is really light-weight for a 10″ tablet.

I’ve ordered a PiPO M9 3G version yesterday and looking forward to do some modification once it arrives. There are a lot mods that you can do with your Android phone or tablet, you just need to be brave enough. Of course there are some risk involved when you flash your phone, sometimes you might face some difficulties getting device to work again properly. But, hey not everyone is bricking their device everyday. I’ll post all my experimental results and pictures & video here. So, don’t forget to subscribe for our posts. If you are subscribed, you will be notified when we post something new.

UPDATE: My tablet arrive safely and working fine. I rooted it and wrote how to do it. Easy and simple how-to guide and more update.

UPDATE 2: PiPo M9Pro 3G has been release and so far the best tablet at the moment.


16 thoughts on “PiPO M9 – Cheapest Quad-Core 10 Inch Android Tablet”

  1. I found the brightness is unadjustable. Min is too bright still’ maybe due to mine has upped to 4.2.2 mine creaked a little on the edge where the glass and the housing meets’ incidentally I got some freezing during web browsing due to the site itself while the browser waits for a respond.

  2. Hi DK! Are you using the stock Android or using a custom rooted one? If rooted use the brightness from quick settings on top-right. Turn off auto brightness and decrease the level there.

  3. Where do you get clocked to 1.8? it runs at 1.6 from stock PIPO firmware. There is no Custom kernels that allow this rk3188 to run at 1.8. I know I have this PIPO M9 V2 and root and debloat the firmware. 1.8 is advertising only not what is actually going on. I however give great reviews to the tablet other then mis informed clock speed. The tablet is very fast. I have to say the firmware put out by PIPO is crap. They take out many aspects of the Jellybean rom. They do not have multi user feature, the stock pipo launcher plain sucks, so I use Nova. If you don’t know what is in jellybean I guess you don’t know what you are missing out on.

  4. Thank you vitha for pointing it out for me. My tablet is running on 1.6 GHz speed. The information on 1.8 GHz I got from the seller website and they are also saying supports 3G calls, which is not working. I’m working on a review of this device. I wrote this post after I ordered it. I’m not using the PiPO launcher as well, using Apex at the moment. And to be honest the tablet is delivering me what I need from it.

    1. The groove IP app does work on this device to make internet to land calls. This tablet is freakin awesome. I did get the unreleased 06082013 rom. I rooted it and added the multi user function.

  5. PIPO M9 Pro is built with budget in mind. It has good design, good performance and definitely good price.Didn’t expect I could find a cheaper tablet with such performance but I did!Bought mine from merimobiles.com for a cheaper price and I never look back! ;)

  6. Can gps be added to the pipo m9?
    I live in California…also havong a problem finding a sim card service here to support it. Visiting portugal next month, hope to find one there. Any good apps l should know about? Thx..Den

    1. I hope you can use an external GPS with this tablet. I didn’t test it though due to I didn’t need it yet and I don’t have any external GPS device. Hopefully everything will be alright.

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